In this section we have looked at some analytical approaches. We have watched, enjoyed, reflected upon a great short film called 'Edge of Seventeen', and considered some ‘ways in’ to understanding how it works, how it uses film language and technique to present a theme, or set of ideas, as well as to give us a quite physical shock!


In the last few steps you will have seen how practical work (film making) can play its part in an understanding of film. This is the topic that will be examining in the next section.

As an aide memoire we have included three documents below that you can download which contain the information from the steps which dealt with themes and film form which we hope you will find useful.


Now might be a good time to reflect on the last few sections: in what ways did you see the key concepts illustrated in the critical approaches to film? Do you think that there are additional ways to approach a film critically?

Lastly lets look at 'Edge of Seventeen' one more time. Answer the following questions again, then compare your responses from the start. How do they differ? and what do you think you have learned across this section?

  • Watch the film 'Edge of Seventeen'
  • Consider what is important to focus on when working with narrative and themes in film.
  • Discuss your analytical considerations of the film with the other participants.
  • Create 1-2 student questions regarding narrative and themes for your own film example

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