The why of film education:
Rationales and purposes

In the section - "Definition" we looked at definitions of film education. But what about the reasons people give for pursuing film education?

Rationales and purposes

Purposes behind film education

In 2019 the project group for Film Education: from Framework to Impact asked 60 organisations across Europe what purposes or rationales they followed for film education. We gave them a list of possible reasons and asked them to rank them in order of importance. The results are represented in this chart.


Looking at the categories on the left of the chart, does anything surprise you about the choices people made? Which two would you choose for yourself as the most important aspects of film education and why? You can read more about the survey here.

And for further reading, we include an earlier article from 2013, that reports the results of a similar survey, Screening Literacy. You might think about whether views about the purpose of film education appear to have changed in the interim.

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